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One day, one fashion designer with Solaris

Paris Fashion Week 2018

Let's go for a week to parade in the capital of fashion. That's why Solaris will honor a fashion designer every day.

Meet the biggest and discover their best sunglasses. Passionate about fashion or not, find the frame that will make you the star of the red carpet (or office). Fan of graphic shapes, vintage or basic? There is something for everyone. Make your own Fashion Week with Solaris.

Settle in and scroll through the Fashion Week special selection. Today, the star is Fendi !


Le couturier du Jour : Fendi

Emblematic for its fur, the brand Fendi is the holy grail of luxury. We will find the biggest at the head of the claw such as legendary Karl Lagerfeld. The brand was able to reinvent itself and diversify by offering luxury accessory lines. That's why today we present you the most beautiful sunglasses of the brand.

fendi fashion week selection


We love it




We suggest you to see the life in pink through this pretty solar frame




With these sunglasss, you will be THE STAR of the Fashion Week !





With this frame octagonal, bet on originality ! Nobody will hold you

Fendi FF0155S




A preference for modern pilot frame ? Do not hesitate !

This is the fashion event of the season.

We will of course keep you informed of the latest trends. Stay connected tomorrow, we will talk about Stella McCartney.

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Excluding the pictures of glasses, the photos are used for illustration purposes only.

Offer "Friends & Family" or "25% off on the second pair" : Offer for the simultaneous purchase of two non-corrective sunglases, on the web site solaris.fr, in the stores, linears and corners Solaris participants. Not combinable with any other discount, with the Ray-Ban Selection at 99€, with sales and purchases of gift cards or accessories. The discount applies to the cheapest pair of both and is made at the cashier or in your the shopping bag. Non-contractual visuals. Visual Model (SAP): 304537 et 308517.

Ray-Ban : Visual non-contractual. Retouched photography. August 2020.

Hawkers : Visual non-contractual. Retouched photography. May 2020.

Marc Jacobs 129€ : Offer valid on non-corrective Marc Jacobs® sunglasses selection. In the limit of the available stock. Suggested retail price at participating Solaris stores and website. Offer not combinable with any other commercial offer and discount. Visual Model (SAP): 317047. Retouched photography. February 2019.

Ray-Ban Selection at 99€ : Offer valid on non-corrective Ray-Ban® sunglasses selection identified on the website. Offer not combinable with any other commercial offers and discounts. Non-contractual visual. Visual Model (SAP): 271788. June 2019.

Longchamp : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 329385. Retouched photography. March/April 2019.

The French-Touch : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 323399. Retouched photography. March 2019.

Persol : Visual non-contractual. Visual model : 219813. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Dior : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 328186. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Prada : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 330962. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Ray-Ban : Visual non-contractual. Visual Models (SAP) from right to left : Wayfarer model = 189698 ; Nina model = 324075 ; Meteor model = 324095. Retouched photography. Juin 2019.

Oakley : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 333225. Retouched photography. July 2019.

Carrera : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 330089. Retouched photography. August 2019.