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Find all our pages dedicated to fashion, tips and the most popular events, all in connection with the latest trends in sunglasses.

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These pages tell you the story of a brand, its vision of the world and its promotion of a flagship product. The choice of brands is based on our crush, sunglasses and trends.

raY-BAN The latest Ray-Ban #proudtobelong campaign highlights the importance of a sense of belonging, pride in one's roots and history. This campaign also highlights two embellish mounts : The Meteor, iconic mixed model and the Nina cat's eye ultra vintage.

DIOR ColorQuake and Hypnotic are two strong models. The first for its colorful colors of glasses and its ultra-covering shape. The second as for it presents a more discrete aspect but not less charismatic.



Sunglasses are very closely related to fashion. Find in the pages below some fashion tips as well as our favorites




fashion week BALMAIN

fashion week GUCCI

Fashion week fENDI



It is important to protect your eyes and to know the dangers of the sun in case of insufficient protection

ski mask 

choose your ski mask

whih protection to choose

protect eye's children 




At Solaris we like to highlight the news and we always find a way to link our sunglasses

Techno Parade The Techno Parade was celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, so we took the opportunity to make a return on the party the most famous open air fest in France. Party, house and colorful sunglasses lovers will be thrilled.

global automotive of paris The world of auto is an internationally known event. Like the Techno Parade, the fair celebrated its anniversary in 2018 (the 120 years) and it's not nothing !


All these pages have been edited with love and just for you !

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