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Who always hesitate to do outdoor sport with sunglasses? You think it is not easy to combine those two elements and it can create a kind of discomfort during your activity. This is why it is so important to have an adapted equipment when you are doing sport.


The importance of sport sunglasses

Sun is coming back and outdoor activities will start over.

Carry sunglasses is necessary, whether for adults and much more for children. The impact of sunbeams can be negative in the long term and create eyes troubles.

In fact, particularly during outdoor activities, the exposition at UVA and UBV are inevitable. Invisible to naked eyes, our eyes are very sensitive, that is why carrying sunglasses is important. The cornea and crystalline stop the rays but they can reach the retina and generate eyes pathologies like the cataract or also the keratisis, an inflammation of the cornea.

So from now, choose your adapted sunglasses for sport.

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What criteria to choose your sunglasses ?

- CE mention : it is the first indication to analyse. Mentioned inside the arms, it provides 100% UV protection. This classification goes from 0 to 4. Find more details on the classification on our page SPECIAL SKI.

- Polarization : polarized sunglasses are particularly popular for water sports. Indeed, the glasses block horizontally the rays, so the contrasts are optimized. More details on our POLARIZATION page

- The photochromic glass : very useful for the bike where we go from shade to the light during a walk in the forest. The glasses adapt according to the brightness.

- Glass quality : prefer mineral glasses, they are more resistant in case of shocks


Which sunglasses for which sports ?

- Running : choose a frame with non-slip pads and arms. Also, prefer aerated or anti-fog glasses. Categories 3 and 4 are recommended.

- The bike : opt for a lightweight frame that adapts to the shape of the face and with good support. Like running sunglasses, make sure they have non-slip pads.

- Tennis : Tennis fans tend to choose curved polycarbonate sunglasses to enlarge the field of view. Elastic cords to hold the frame are also appreciated.

- Hiking/trail : Covering frames are appreciated because they protect eyes from sun and insects.

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Our sport crush



The Terminus R are ideal for all activities. They offer a high UV protection and they don't slide thanks to non-slip nylon at arms.

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In Style


ILEU04 frame will be perfect for your outdoor activities. Its protection 3 will ensure you a flawless comfort.

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Protect your children eyes is essential. The J465 Turn frame has some advantages : flexible sunglasses, curved arms and high protection.

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Sport is good for the health, don't hesitate to protect your eyes during your activities, that will be benefit for preserve them.

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