We no longer present Ray-Ban, the multi-faceted brand that can surprise us from season to season. Through this page, (re)discover the Ray-Ban spirit, its new Holiday campaign and its two flagship products of the moment: the Nina and the Meteor models.


Ray-Ban it's above all a story :

Born in the 1930s, the world-famous brand has made a name for itself thanks to its iconic Aviator model. Mount at the time used by the Air Force. It will propose the following years other mythical models such as the Clubmaster, the Wayfarer or the Erika. The brand has a worldwide reputation thanks to its authentic identity. Over the years, she has reinvented herself and offered us ever more daring frames. You should also know that a Ray-Ban solar is sold every second in the world. In a few words Ray-Ban represents cool, authenticity, quality and timelessness.



 Both key frames of the new Ray-Ban campaign

The Nina, for her

The Nina is a vintage model in pure form. Its timeless shape "cat's eye" will seduce the most reckless of us. Ultra trendy, this retro color shell scale will give you a modern diva look.

Inspired by the rising star of the electro scene Nina Kraviz, this model will be the new must-have of the season. The Nina is easy to wear, its high-end finishes will give you a certain class. Ray-Ban offers you the best because this frame is endowed with light flat glasses and with a cover anti-reflection.



The Météor, for him (or for her)

Frame with a strong personality, the Meteor has nothing to envy to other models. With its square look, fine frames and its light flat glasses, it's suitable for both men and women. In the spotlight since the 60's, this model is a classic brand Ray-Ban.

From David Beckham to Chiara Ferragni, all have adopted this rebel vintage style frame. Available in addition to 18 color palettes, the Meteor is the image of the new campaign that has put forward : strength of character. Mainstream, do not rhyme with Meteor.



The last Ray-Ban campaign : Holiday

Campaign with a sought-after and quirky concept : Ray-Ban wants to highlight the sense of belonging, the importance of our roots and our history. Whatever our choices, successes or failures we must use all these elements to build us. For the brand, belonging does not mean conformism. In life as in fashion, no one should be allowed to dictate their choices. #proudtobelong

Be proud of who you are. Wear RAY-BAN

For this occasion, the brand has revisited, two legendary models : Nina and Meteor.


Some timeless Ray-Ban


RB3025 Aviator



RB3016 Clubmaster



RB4105 Wayfarer



Ray-Ban is also a whole collection of sunglasses with some models. Whether fashion or classic, there is something for everyone. Go in search of your Ray-Ban and your singularity !

Discover whole Ray-Ban collection

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Prada : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 330962. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Ray-Ban : Visual non-contractual. Visual Models (SAP) from right to left : Wayfarer model = 189698 ; Nina model = 324075 ; Meteor model = 324095. Retouched photography. Juin 2019.

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