1. What are the shipping rates on Solaris-sunglass.com ?

    We deliver all our orders through Colissimo and Chronopost only on the metropolitain France. Our shipping rates are the following (excuding special offer) :


    6 €

    15 €

  2. What are the delivery times ?

    Your order is prepared in the following 24 to 48 hours after your purchase before we deliver it to our delivery partner. An exceptional delay can be necessary if the product is not in stock anymore

  3. I have not received my order, how do I know where it is ?

    You are informed at each step of your order, from the confirmation of payment to the time of shipment. Furthermore, you can follow the progress of your order with the tracking code that TNT, Colissimo or Chronopost sent at your e-mail address.

  4. I received an email confirming me sending my order, but no tracking code, what should I do?

    Make sure that the email is not in your spam. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service at: relation.clientele@solaris-sunglass.comr or by phone at 0821 230 413. They will give you a new tracking code.
  5. The frame doesn’t suit, how can I send It back in order to be refunded?

    You can apply for an exchange or refund by contacting our customer service at: relation.clientele@solaris-sunglass.com or by calling our hotline : 0821 230 413.

    They will send you a return note and you’ll be refunded as soon as we receive back your frame.  You have one month from the date of reception of the order to send it back to us.

  6. I broke my glasses, I took a guarantee card with them, how do I get a new one?

    Simply contact our customer service at relation.clientele@solaris-sunglass.com or by phone: 0821 230 413.
    You can also go directly go in any Solaris outlet.

  7. My sunglasses, under warranty were stolen or lost, what can I do?

    Solaris guarantee card only works in cases where the frame is damaged and / or broken, it doesn’t cover theft or loss.
  8. My sunglasses temples seems slightly distorted on my face, what can I do?

    Every face is different and not perfectly symmetrical; you can go to a Solaris shop to perfectly fit your frame to your face for free.

  9. Want to contact us for another problem?

    Contact our hotline at : 0821 230 413 or by email at relation.clientele@solaris-sunglass.com. For an order placed in a Solaris store, we recommend you first to contact them directly.

  10. What is the Solaris Gift Card?

    The Solaris gift card is a method of payment valid in Solaris stores (except for department stores and optical corners) and on the Internet. In a store the gift card is sold in credit card format - it can be slipped into a wallet and used several times. On the Internet, the gift card will be sent to you by email in the form of an electronic gift voucher.

  11. Where can I use my Solaris Gift Card?

    The Solaris gift card is available in all Solaris stores (except for department stores and optical corners) and on the Solaris web site.

  12. What is the value of my Solaris gift card?

    At the time of purchase, the Gift Card it will be activated and you can then credit to it the amount of your choice which must be between €15 and €500

  13. Is my Solaris Gift Card nominative?

    Your Solaris Gift Card is not nominative and can be used by anyone. However, when purchasing the card, Solaris could ask you for an ID document (this can be useful for us in the event of loss or theft).

  14. How do I use my Solaris Gift Card?

    In a store, present your card at the till when paying for items and use the desired amount to pay for them up to the limit of the balance available. On the Internet site, enter your card number. The total amount or part of it will then be used (up to the amount of the order) to pay for the order.

    If there is a remaining positive balance after using your card, we do not give change. The remaining balance can be used when another purchase is made.

    If the balance on your card is not sufficient to make the purchase, you can pay the difference using any other method of payment accepted in the store or on the Internet site.

  15. How do I know the balance on my card?

    The balance on the Solaris Gift Card can be consulted at the reception desk of any Solaris network store (except for optical corners). This balance is also printed on your till receipt after making a purchase with the gift card.


    The balance can also be consulted on the Internet site. You will need to be logged on to your customer account to access this menu. Simply enter the code of the card to know the remaining balance available.

  16. Can I obtain reimbursement of the balance of the Solaris Gift Card?

    The Solaris Gift Card cannot give rise to a reimbursement or cash-back.

  17. Can I obtain reimbursement for a product purchased with a gift card?

    The gift card is a method of payment specific to the SOLARIS brand. If an article purchased with the gift card is returned, reimbursement is made according to the commercial conditions in force at the point of sale (credit note, replacement, etc.).

  18. What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

    If the Solaris Gift Card is lost or stolen, Solaris encourages you to declare the loss or theft to the Police. Solaris will then be able to prevent fraudulent use of your card if, and only if, it has your customer file and a legal declaration of loss/theft made at a police station. The Solaris Gift Card is primarily a method of payment - you must therefore look after it carefully, as if it were cash. Solaris cannot under any circumstances reimburse the balance of a lost or stolen card. This also applies if the card is damaged or is not used before the expiry date.