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Marc Jacobs

Since 1994, Marc Jacobs is a designer and artistic director. He is known for his ready-to-wear creations that are elegant and casual. It is also present on the leather goods, perfume or jewelery segments.

It's in 2007 that his line of glasses appears, a diversification expected of all. We will find in his sunglasses, the spirit chic and casual of the brand.

We love this brand, Solaris has decided to highlight a selection of products at an attractive price of 129€. Enjoy before the summer season.

Marc Jacobs 129€ selection


Marc 301/S

The Marc 301/S is the STAR of this selection. It has a butterfly shape and a plastic frame. Its golden cut on the face brings this little "je ne sais quoi" that makes us crack. With these sunglasses, it's a cat-eyes and vintage look assured.

UV protection 3, the comfort of your eyes has not been put aside. Marc Jacobs is fashionable while being protected. And all that at 129€ at Solaris !

i crush on Marc 301/S


Marc 341/S

Knowing how to play with gold and especially knowing how to wear it. Marc Jacobs allows you to live the experience with the 341/S sunglasses.

Gold frame with blue lenses. Pilot, we can distinguish a vintage spirit on these sunglasses. This mount is for men who are not afraid to assume their old school vibe and who wants to change of classic black frame.

Live your sunny instants with the UV protection lenses 3. Once again, Marc Jacobs proposes a fashion product and conformity with your visual health.

i crush on Marc 341/S


Even more of Marc Jacobs at 129€

Marc 29/S


I crush

Marc 351/S


i crush


Being fashion does not mean to put the price.

At Solaris enjoy Marc Jacobs frames at 129€ and it's just for you !

Marc Jacobs 129€ selection

Offer "Friends & Family" or "25% off on the second pair" : Offer for the simultaneous purchase of two non-corrective sunglases, on the web site solaris.fr, in the stores, linears and corners Solaris participants. Not combinable with any other discount, with the Ray-Ban Selection at 99€, with sales and purchases of gift cards or accessories. The discount applies to the cheapest pair of both and is made at the cashier or in your the shopping bag. Non-contractual visuals. Visual Model (SAP): 304537 et 308517.

Ray-Ban : Visual non-contractual. Retouched photography. August 2020.

Hawkers : Visual non-contractual. Retouched photography. May 2020.

Marc Jacobs 129€ : Offer valid on non-corrective Marc Jacobs® sunglasses selection. In the limit of the available stock. Suggested retail price at participating Solaris stores and website. Offer not combinable with any other commercial offer and discount. Visual Model (SAP): 317047. Retouched photography. February 2019.

Ray-Ban Selection at 99€ : Offer valid on non-corrective Ray-Ban® sunglasses selection identified on the website. Offer not combinable with any other commercial offers and discounts. Non-contractual visual. Visual Model (SAP): 271788. June 2019.

Longchamp : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 329385. Retouched photography. March/April 2019.

The French-Touch : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 323399. Retouched photography. March 2019.

Persol : Visual non-contractual. Visual model : 219813. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Dior : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 328186. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Prada : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 330962. Retouched photography. April 2019.

Ray-Ban : Visual non-contractual. Visual Models (SAP) from right to left : Wayfarer model = 189698 ; Nina model = 324075 ; Meteor model = 324095. Retouched photography. Juin 2019.

Oakley : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 333225. Retouched photography. July 2019.

Carrera : Visual non-contractual. Visual model (SAP) : 330089. Retouched photography. August 2019.