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The french brand founded in 1948 presents its campain with Kendall Jenner ambassador


Longchamp, the french authenticity

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The iconic French brand was created in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. Initially, it fitted pipes with leather and it was in 1960 that the first bags appeared. Longchamp has important know-how, the bags are mounted in French workshops and require a rigorous workforce.

It's only recently that Longchamp has launched into the sunglasses. They have matched with Marchon, a major player in the industry to offer the highest quality eyewear. Recognized by all, the brand celebrated its 70th birthday in 2018. This family business has not yet said its last word.

The Longchamp collection


LO636S sunglasses : star of the campain

Sunglasses Longchamp LO636S

For his new campaign, Longchamp puts forward the world famous model Kendall Jenner. As a brand ambassador, she also appears in the video campaign alongside a horse with majestic presence. According to Sophie Delafontaine, the artistic director of Lonchamp, the top represents the values ​​that the brand wishes to convey. And who better than Kendall Jenner to reach a new audience, the millenials.

The frame worn by Kendall Jenner, the LO636S is perfect. These sunglasses are feminine, refined and its cat-eyes frame brings chic. The green scales on the face and sleeves make the difference and provide an undeniable class. Acetate and metal brings a pure and contemporary design.

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Our Longchamp crush

Sunglasses Longchamp LO624S



Classic and timeless. They are like the Longchamp house

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Sunglasses Longchamp LO606S



We found the Longchamp minimalism in this frame. They are juste enough

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Sunglasses Longchamp LO608S



This frame is easy to carry and to tidy. Its advantage, theses sunglasses are folding



Longchamp is a brand, a family, a know-how and above all beautiful sunglasses !

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